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It's the devil in the detail that can make organising your special day a stressful, rather than joyous, occasion.

Rather than your dream day being all about you as a happy couple, you can find yourself worrying about where Aunty Phillis is going to stay; will there be enough food for work colleagues just popping in for the evening do; will you have to spend a fortune on corkage to satisfy Uncle Dave's thirst?

Well, just relax and let us take care of all those little extra touches to make your special day go even better. 

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Single room - £40 per person. Double room - £50 per room. Family room - £110 per room. All including bed and breakfast.

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Drinks packages

Standard - £22.50pp | Local - £19.50pp | Cocktail station from £4.50 per cocktail.

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Bacon rolls

£3.50 per person. Served at 11.30pm.

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Resident DJ and disco

£250 + VAT.

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Did you know?

We are on the periphery of Charnwood Forest which has been quarried for centuries for its hard granite. The surrounding quarries supply crushed aggregate to a wide area of southern Britain.

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